#6 – Innovation

Feel - a podcast about leadership
Feel - a podcast about leadership
#6 - Innovation

In this episode, Andy Kelk looks at innovation – how are smart companies creating new ideas and getting everyone involved?

You can also read a transcript of episode 6.

Featuring contributions from:

Alex Stokes
Alex has over 17 years experience in IT software delivery and specialises in Agile adoption and organisational transformation. She has worked for Australia Post, AIA and ThoughtWorks. Alex is the founder of Agily – a consultancy with expertise in agile & lean approaches to software development.


Em Campbell-Prettyem
Em is one of the founding partners of Context Matters – a consultancy specialising in enterprise adoption of agile software practices. Em has previously worked as the General Manager for the Strategic Delivery group within Telstra’s BI Centre of Excellence.


Kerri Rusnak
Kerri is a leader in the technology and IT industry. Having worked as a Head of Technology for the REA Group in Melbourne, she has a wealth of experience in leadership, team performance and culture.


Mike Breeze
Mike is an iteration manager at the REA Group. He has previously worked for NAB, Shell and UBS. A software engineer by background, Mike’s passion is in building happy and successful teams. He is currently working in Xi’an, China.


Neil KillickNeil Killick
Neil is a program delivery manager at MYOB in Melbourne. Recognised as a leading voice in the agile development community and experienced at speaking at conferences across the world, Neil is a passionate advocate for systems thinking and working smarter.


Steve Hardisty
Steve is a senior engineering manager with the online marketplace Etsy. As a developer and people leader, Steve has built a reputation as an innovative and transformational leader.

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